Let’s get this party started.


“Hey, come here and look at this,” my wife yelled from the bathroom. I knew that she had bought a pregnancy test since she had “felt strange” that morning, but I didn’t think much of it. She had accepted a job in Seattle, WA a few months before and we had decided to put off having a baby till we were established on the coast.

I stepped into the bathroom and she handed me a test. There was the faintest line in the readout. She hit the net. Everyone said the same thing – faint lines mean positive. According to most sites, its almost impossible to get a false positive.

She took the test again and got the same thing. We decided to wait before getting too excited and pick up another test.

We spent the day at school writing papers and studying. I suggested doing the test old school and sacrificing a rabbit, but my vegan wife would have none of it. We stopped by the store and picked up some digital tests on the way home.

As soon as we got home she took a digital test and it came up negative. We were a little shocked, but given the fact that she drinks a gallon of water while she studies, and all the tests say that water will dilute the process, we thought another test was in order.

So, we went to bed that night with the plan to check one more time in the morning.

I was woken up on Sunday with sweet sounds of my wife coming out of the bathroom and the readout you see above.

We’re pregnant!

Maybe not the best timing, but when is it ever. Its going to be awesome. New town, new home, new baby!

Now, I just need to get a teaching job and start my dissertation.


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