Shake, Rattle, and Roll

We were awaken on Friday by the 5.2 earthquake that hit an hour north of us.  It was actually a lot better than the blaring alarm that was set to go off a few minutes later.

We were getting up early to head north and tell our parents about the new baby.

The best thing about the whole affair was watching the local news coverage.  One of our highly intelligent newscasters asked Clint Mistlehorne, the weather specialist (that’s right, he is not credentialed enough to be a meteorologist),

“Clint, could this Earthquake have anything to do with the flooding we’ve had these past few weeks?”

I so wanted Clint to respond, “Well, since God couldn’t kill us all with the flood, he decided to try again!”

They then went on to take phone calls from locals who all said the exact same thing, except for a frightened old lady who kept saying “I’m all alone, I’m all alone.”  When the newscaster heard this he quickly reminded people to check on their neighbors stating, “Don’t let them be like this lady.”

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