What I’m Reading: Jon Krakaur’s Under the Banner of Heaven

Under the Banner of Heaven

Krakauer is an amazing writer and the topic of fundamental Mormonism has interested me for a long time. I love how he mixes the story of the 1984 Lafferty Murders in with a concise history of both the birth of Mormonism and the fundamentalist off shot.

Joseph Smith came of age right smack in the middle of my favorite time in American history when everyone and their brother was coming up with their own brand of Christianity. Krakauer does an amazing job of conveying history with a personal tone that reads like a novel.


5 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Jon Krakaur’s Under the Banner of Heaven

  1. Oh yeah, I saw some of my own religious upbringing in this one, though my family was never what anyone would call a “fundie.”

    Wasn’t it strange how the two Lafferty brothers became biblical styled enemies at the end of the work. Strange, yet almost right, tradition wise.

    It was like something out of myth or legend. These two brothers who believe they are on a holy quest, but then choose different sides for the final confrontation.

    Well, when Armageddon happens, I hope I’m stationed well away from either Lafferty brother ;p

  2. Those guys frighten me.

    I see Krakauer as a poor-man’s Erik Larsen.

    Congrats on the pregnancy.

    Also, thanks for the Scalzi recommendation.

    And for the love of God, we are hanging out once you hit the West Coast.

  3. Thanks! You bet we’re hanging. I can’t wait to get out there. We are flying out in May to find an apartment. We should be living there the first week of July!

  4. Hmmm another Krakauer book I haven’t read, I have read INTO THE WILD, required for an english class, a few years ago, then read INTO THIN AIR, just this last year, now I am def gonna have to read this, I love his writing.

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