Dressing the Baby

According to the doc, my wife is in her 6th week.  We went to Old Navy today, so that she could get some clothes for her new job.  As she hit the dressing room I slid over to the baby clothes and looked around.

Now, when my wife and I first talked about having a baby she was all about the brand new store bought threads.  I was the exact opposite.  Why spend tons of money on brand new clothes the kid is going to outgrow in a month or so?  Now that we are going to have the baby right after the relocation, my wife has come around to dressing the kid on the cheap.

Yet, here I was, surrounded by the cutest baby clothes.  I rationalized that there were cheap clothes to be found and moved quickly to the clearance finding an awesome blue and brown jumper with three monkeys and the line “I’m more fun than a barrel of monkeys.”  I looked at the tag, only $5.98.  But, really?   How many times will my baby wear this tiny outfit before she (and I say she – though we don’t know the sex yet), outgrows it.  She might even be born larger than the outfit.

So, I hang it back up and proceed to find my wife and take her over to the item.  She’ll be the ultimate judge of prices.  She takes one look and proclaims, “It’s too boyish!  We can’t buy anything till we know what the sex is.”  That was that.  No discussion of price needed.

Though, I could see our daughter wearing that outfit just as easily as our son.  Of course, I am just going to dress our child up in bear and Japanese kitty outfits until she’s five anyway.

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