Fresh Blood and Fresh Prince

Tuesdays and Thursdays I leave the house at 7:30 am to give plasma at my local biologicals center. It’s not that bad. You sit there for an hour and listen to a book or some podcasts while they drain you of your blood, take out the plasma and put the blood back in. Then, they hand you 15 to 30 bucks depending on how much you go and what day it is. You also get entered into contests, which this month I am eligible to be a part of, so stay tuned to see what (if anything) I win.

Now, usually they have the four tvs that are in the donor room on Sports Center or a movie, but today they were strangely off when I arrived. As Oliver Bourne (he has the coolest name in the world) hooked me up to the machine he lamented the fact that it was way too quiet and paused to click on the tvs.

On pops The Fresh Prince and Oliver goes about his business. I think nothing of it and start listening to the new Triple Feature podcast (wherein I thought they were going to come to blows over spoilers and penis shots).

Then, I start to notice that everyone else in the room is riveted to the tvs.

Soon, their laughing so hard that I can’t even hear my podcast. Oliver is walking around saying things like, “Oh no he didn’t!” and “Damn, he’s in a-lot-a trouble now!”

I literally knew what it felt like to be Miles Bennell from Body Snatchers there for a few minutes. Protected by my headphones I wouldn’t give in to the mind controlling power of the Fresh Prince.

As I got ready to leave I wondered if the epidemic would spread beyond the walls of the building. But then, John Lovitz‘s hideous movie, High School High came on and absolutely no one was laughing!


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