A Week with Baby (7 weeks/7 foods)

I’ve been thinking about writing a post a week linking the the age of the baby to something fun. Of course, these lists will get really long as the time goes by, but I find myself (in my excitement) linking everything to the baby in one way or another.

This week I’m thinking about food. I’ve had food on the mind for a few reasons. First, Shannon has already started on some wonderful combinations. We’ve had the Fazoli’s days, and the night we had cheese stix, baked beans, and green beans.

Second, since we have been talking about raising the baby vegetarian, I’ve been reading a lot about what babies can eat.

Andrew F. Smith, who teaches culinary history at the New School in New York states in an article from a 2006 issue of a NY Times: “Historically, there was no such thing as children’s food… Babies would eat what adults ate, chopped up, until Gerber created baby food in 1927.”

Now, our baby won’t be eating the same food as us for a pretty long time (this says that you should wait until the baby is 6 months before adding some spice to their diet), but there are many things I can’t wait for her to try.

Growing up eight miles south of nowhere, IL made my palate weak and my taste buds a little dead. My parents had a few hits that I will pass on, but, for the most part, I’ve had get out there and fall in love with food all on my own. So, I want my kids to have kick butt food at the table every night.

This list is by no means all the food I love, but they are my loves of the moment:

1. Seitan Vindaloo – Vindaloo has to be my favorite Indian dish by far. I have been trying to master this at home for a long time, so I’m glad I still have time to work on it.  It’s can be pretty spicy, but I’ll prepare the way with these Indian Baby Food Recipes.

2. Thai Green/Red Curry – When I was young, I never would have hated the idea of coconut milk. Now, I love this stuff. My home version is better than most of the places I have gotten it here in the Mid-West (A place in B-ton, IN beats me by adding amazing baby eggplant.

3. Sweet potato fries – I actually just found out that I love sweet potatoes after years being mortal enemies. Shannon’s sweet potato fries is the number one reason.

4. Asparagus – Some people are amazed when I tell them that asparagus grew wild along the roads around my house. My parents would have this green vegetable at almost every meal during the summer months and I still love it today.

5. Fried Zucchini and Green Tomatoes – Another staple around the Weiss farm that I haven’t had enough of since. I have the hardest time not smoking up the whole house.

6. Veggies Fajitas – I love fajitas!  There is something awesome about taking any veggie you want, spicing it up, maybe adding some seitan (Seitan is the greatest foodstuff ever), and tossing them on a shell with some soy sour cream (a million times better than real sour cream – I can’t believe it, but it’s true!)

7. Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese – The best winter day – feel good meal ever.  I have actually had people rave about my grilled cheese, but I don’t really do anything that special.   I actually need to get a good tomato soup recipe.  If anyone has one, send it my way.

I know there are more and I should have saved this list for a later week.  Oh well, maybe I’ll revisit it.  I know I will have to have a restaurant list at some point.

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