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A Week with Baby (8 Weeks/8 things to watch to induce labor)

That last post got me thinking about the movies or tv shows that Shannon should be watching when she goes into labor with our child. Now, I am no expert on what you should be doing during the final days of your pregnancy, but I do know where my mother was and what she was doing when I decided it was time to head out.

She was on her couch watching the delectably cheesy horror movie Frogs staring Mr. Sam Elliot.

Any of you that know me well can see the connections between her watching that movie and my personality makeup (no matter how many fallacies are really in that argument). Since I want to shape my child in every way I can (and as subliminally as possible), here are the movies and tv shows that Shannon and I will watch in hopes that our baby will decide to make an appearance and catch the ending.

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Yes, it’s three movies, but if we start watching them from the beginning in late November there is a good chance that the baby will want to see the next one so bad that she will move on out. Of course, we will have to watch getting to the very end before she is born. Those last scenes might make her want to stay in till all the hobbits get out of the bed.

2. Frogs – why not? It was good enough for me and I have it on dvd!

3. The Bride of Frankenstein – The Creature is my favorite universal monster, but this movie is an awe inspiring masterpiece. If anything could actually manipulate our child (while still in the womb) into a creative genius it would be this.

4. Arrested Development – As I’ve said before, this is the hilarious series that got Shannon and I together. Oh, and being attracted to cousins runs in my family.

5. Deadliest Catch – What I love about this show is that it is reality tv at its most real. I know, they cut and paste scenes, blah, blah, blah-but overall it’s wonderfully scary stuff. Now, I am not saying that I want our child to become a crab fisherman, but there are tons of reasons that this show should influence her. The questioning of the lifestyle, the fear factor, the proximity to Washington (where she will be born and raised, and the ecological discussions we could have (I am expecting to become a huge hippie once I hit the West Coast and should have dreads by the time she is born.)

6. Ghost Hunters – Besides being Shannon’s favorite show (and therefore bringing the probability that she would be watching it way up) this show is great.

7. Raising Arizona – Among the millions of “baby movies” out there, this one is hard to beat. Plus, I have to prepare for my nights of diaper robbery!

8. Spirited Away – we should get our baby started on the right cartoons with this amazing Hayao Miyazaki film. This movie floored me when I first saw it. Plus, it will teach our baby what to do if we both get turned into pigs.


2 thoughts on “A Week with Baby (8 Weeks/8 things to watch to induce labor)

  1. Holy Crap! Is that scene in the trailer, with the camera zooming and canting around to various mounted head, the inspiration for a similar scene in Evil Dead II, or is it Evil Dead II inspired. Crazy ballz.

  2. I would bet it was the inspiration. Rami might have been sitting there getting high with my dad the night in question!

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