The Happening – Review

I had high hopes that The Happening would bing M. Night Shyamalan back to the glory days of his first three major films (Actually, I am one of those rare few that even loves The Village despite its flaws).

Sadly, The Happening is a mess.  The actors have nothing to work with, the violence is slow, sad, and not worth the R rating, and the plot (which could have been interesting) was horrible.

What happened to Shymalan’s writing?  He used to be the king of understated emotional response.  Now we get jokes about being attracted to a girl at the pharmacy.  Come on!

I left this movie with three positive things

  1. Hope that Shymalan is finally taking my advice and working with a already created property (yes, I’m a glutton for punishment).  His next feature is a live action movie of the anime – Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  2. Excitement that a feature film of Stephen King’s The Cell can get right what Shymalan got so wrong.
  3. A longing to see The Day of the Triffids again.


One thought on “The Happening – Review

  1. I saw this a couple of weekends ago, too. Yeah, I was highly disappointed. I understood the message, but the entertainment value was left in much want.

    I hope the new Batman will recover my lost hopes for the summer blockbusters that turned out to be stinker bombs.

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