By the Power of GreySkull

Retrojunk has a nice long article about the Masters of the Universe toy line and all its spin-offs.  Damn, I wish I still had my toys.  I had a ton of them growing up.  I woke up one Christmas to see Castle Greyskull set up near our tree with He-Man and Skeletor fighting inside.  It is my favorite childhood Christmas memory of all time.  I’ll have to post the picture some time.

When I was in my late teens, my mom gave my He-Men to my little cousin.  He quickly tore off all their limbs and buried them throughout his yard.  For years, every time I went to his house the different colored arms of He-Man, BeastMan,  and all the others grabbed my shoestrings hoping I would resue them from the unforgiving earth and their new cruel master.

I thought about buying the re-issues a few years ago, but they were so expensive.  I’m glad I passed since I sold most of my action figures at the Super Awesome Sales we have had leading up to the move.

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