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3 Strange Things that have Happened in WA

1) Car Crash – Our first week here, Shannon and I were driving back from Fred Myers with our new out door furniture set sticking out the back of the Vibe.  As we approached the house (yes, I’ll get pics up soon), I saw that the cable guy was blocking the drive.  My dad was standing out there trying to get them to move.  So, I passed up the drive and took a left at the next street.  Then, I pulled in a driveway and put the car in reverse.  I checked the mirrors and started to back out when…BAM… we were hit in the back drivers side by another car.

The people that lived across the street were pulling out of their driveway at the same time and had rammed their car into ours.  I checked to see if Shannon was alright, she was, so, I hopped out and went to see if the people in the other car were okay.

The lady jumped out of the car also and was flabbergasted.  We had both been in a blind spot, she hadn’t seen me either.  Both her and her husband were okay, so I started to check out the damage to the car.  There’s was barely any.  It had felt like the backend had crunched (and the Kia would have probably been totaled), but the Vibe was fine.  There was a broken piece on the back hubcap, but that was really all.  The lady’s car was fine also.  She had a huge rubber bumper that had taken the whole shock.  Danger averted, we traded insurance, just in case, but neither of us called.

2) A Stabbing – Last week Shannon signed us up for insurance and we found out that it wouldn’t start until August.  The night I learned this, I decided to have a veggie burger, but there were two patties frozen together.  The closest thing to pry them apart – A STEAK KNIFE!

I held the two patties in my left hand and jabbed the knife down between the two burgers.  It sliced through easily and didn’t stop till it hit the bone under my middle finger.  I screamed for Shannon as blood started spraying out of my hand like a crazy Pinky Violence kill scene.  We quickly stuck it under the sink and found out that it was really a small gash.  Since the knife stabbed straight in, the cut wasn’t big, it was just deep.  I was really worried that it would need stitches, but we put two bandages on it and called it a day.  It’s healing up pretty well.

3) The Screamer – I drive over and meet Shannon for lunch most days of the week.  I bring food and we head to a park next to her work.  Last week, we were just finishing eating when a man came out of the woods with his dog.  A few seconds later a woman came out of the same trail and said something we couldn’t hear.

“You are supposed to have that dog on a leash.  It bit my dog,” replied the man, still walking quickly away.

The woman just exploded!  she started screaming every obscenity she could think of at the guy.  He just said, “You’re crazy!” and headed back into the woods on another trail.

She kept screaming “You lying #@@@! You bleeping blank!” She walked up to a car in the parking lot that we had just seen a woman and her whippet pull up in and take off on a walk.  “Is this your car?” she screamed!

She stopped and headed back to her van.  Then she decided to go after the guy and headed into the woods in his direction.  A few minutes later she came back out by our car and said, “@%! Illinois!” as she sauntered by.

She got in her van and drove toward the entrance to the park.  A few minutes later she drove by the other way.  I could picture that guy hiding out in the woods from that scary witch.  I so wish I would have pulled out my camera phone.  It would have been awesome.


3 thoughts on “3 Strange Things that have Happened in WA

  1. The other day Krystal and I were walking in Boulder and we saw a guy standing on the street corner. He wasn’t saying anything, but he had a big cardboard sign that he was holding up that said, “CLINTON RAPES GIRLS.” I did a double-take and when I looked back he had flipped the sign over and on the back it said, “OBAMA IS A COMMIE.” This in Boulder?

  2. Ha! We saw a guy standing in the middle of the street screaming at an invisible force the other day, but no silent protesters.

    A woman also told Shannon that a suburb was just too conservative for her to move there. She so wanted to say, “Sure.. I bet it makes southern IL look like democratic headquarters.

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