Our New Home

So, since people keep bugging me about what our new place looks like, I thought I would post a few pics up on here.  I have to say, the house is even cooler than I thought it was when we first looked at it.

Here it is from the outside.

(The side actually face the road)

Our Awesome Balcony

The living room has hardwood floors and a fireplace.

The Dining Room is like a loft above the Living Room

The kitchen is a little small, but nice. It’s also upstairs.

The Living Room from the walkway above

(The walkway goes from the Dining Room to the Balcony)

The Balcony from the 2nd floor

My Office is getting there

This is not the best pic of the Bedroom.  It’s a lot bigger than this lets on.


One thought on “Our New Home

  1. Buck–this place is gorgeous! I only hope we can make our new apartment look half as good as your new place! How are things? Send me a note when you get a chance. Tell Shannon I said hello! We’re getting ready to move on Tuesday–so the crazy has started for us too!

    Hey–check out our wedding pics: http://www.picasaweb.google.com/BrandonNiya

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