My First Horrible Monday Morning in WA

There’s a real part of me that hates not having a job outside of my internet work.  I know that my classes will start in September, but the wait sucks and I hate wishing time away.  Today was a bad morning.

I got up late.  My morning routine has been to make coffee and see what Shannon needs to help get ready for work.  Today, she already had coffee made and it was close to time for her to go.

She asked me to do two things – print stuff out and make a salad for her dinner.

I go to print stuff out, but the printer keeps screwing up.  As I’m working with it, I get on to one o my message boards and start typing away.  Pretty soon, I’ve forgotten the salad and the time.

I hear Shannon rummaging through drawers and it all comes back to me.  I head in to the kitchen.  She has the salad, but needs a smoothie for breakfast.  I quickly start to whip one up, noticing that the time is getting very close.  Nothing will cooperate!  I make it just the same as every morning.  The blender wont crush the ice, the smoothie wont get smooth.  I add more milk, try again.  It’s still thick as molasses.  She has to go.  I feel like crud.

I decide to at least finish the smoothie.  I add more milk and hit the liquify button.  The smoothie explodes upward out of the blender and I have a huge mess to clean up!  Arggh, sometimes Mondays really suck!


2 thoughts on “My First Horrible Monday Morning in WA

  1. Really!? That really happened? The smoothie exploded all over the ceiling and everything!! 🙂

    I hope you think it’s funny now, because it sounds rather funny.

  2. It was funny. I’m sure me acting all pissy and slamming things around was funny too. It did clean up pretty easy though and what was left tasted great!

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