Books of the Past Two Months

Since I’ve moved, I haven’t had a chance to talk much about the books I’ve been reading, though I have been reading an awful lot now that I have a much coveted Sno-Isle Library Card.


Two that I read right before I left Illinois and (listened to) on the way out here are:

Dean Koontz – Odd Hours: Koontz threw me for a loop with the fourth book in his Odd Thomas series.  I enjoyed the middle two, but felt that they were in every way inferior to a great first book.  But, with Odd Hours, he delivers the best book since Odd Thomas, and though I wont say it is better, it is definitly a worthy sequel.  Note: I picked up the graphic novel based on Kootnz series – In Odd We Trust.  Don’t worry about it unless your just a die hard fan.  The story is simplistic and boring at best.


Sebastian Faulks – Devil May Care: Faulks tries to capture the spirit of Ian Fleming with this brand new James Bond novel, but at every turn he falls just short.  I found this one to be a fun read, but if you haven’t read Ian Fleming’s masterful library of Bond, you should start there and never look back.


How about you, faithful reader, reading anything I should be checking out?


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