Illinois / Washington

Our First Visitor from IL

My good friend Korah, form the old stomping ground of Eastern Illinois University stopped by for a visit last night.  We had a great time showing her and her friend Darren around Edmonds, eating at the local Thai place, and watching the sun go down at the beach.

Korah and Darren at Thai Cottage

It was wonderful to hear about her travels since last I saw her, and to reminisce about the ole EFT, which (for those of you who know it) has long been scattered to the wind.

Walking into the Sunset

I was really thinking that one of the SIU bunch would be the first one out, since MLA is down the coast this year.   But, the dam has broken folks, come on west and have a taste of the good life.


One thought on “Our First Visitor from IL

  1. … but the SIU folks are bums, Buck!

    but really, aren’t you expecting them a little later in the year? We flew over the west coast a week or two ago and waved northwards!

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