Rainy Days and Spooky Nights

We’re finally having our first batch of rainy days since we got here.  No problems for me.  I’m working inside, watching 24 Season 5 and shaping my syllabi for the coming quarter.

I’m teaching classes at both Shoreline and Edmonds Community College.  I’m really excited about both.  The people that hired me are really great and are giving me tons of freedom.

Right now I’m working on a English 80 – Critical Thinking in College and Life, wherein I am using the autobiographies of both Ben Franklin and Fredrick Douglas as the reading groundwork.  It should be a fun class and hopefully my students will enjoy it.  Oh, and my name is on the class.  It doesn’t just say STAFF.  That is fun!

Shannon and I have started watching X-files from Season One.  A few episodes a night.  We are on the 3rd disc right now.  Wow, there were a lot of stinkers in the first season.  I must have been so enamored with the show the first time around that I saw no wrong.

My favorites so far:

Squeeze – Tooms is a scary bastard!

Ice – The best tv remake of John Carpenter’s The Thing I have ever seen.

Worst Episode:

The Jersey Devil – A dirt covered supermodel is actually a missing link that grunts and digs through trash.  We do get to see Mulder’s love for pie and his contempt for local authority.  Oh, and Dr. Diamond paves the way for the Lone Gunmen.

I’m ready for “Gender Bender” and “Tooms” and then to move onto the second season.  One of my favorites:  “The Host!”  and my favorite Satanic school board in Die Hand Die Verletzt

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