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Recent Reading (Ellis and Card)

Warren Ellis – Crooked Little Vein: I think I built this one up in my head a little too much.  I’m a huge fan of Ellis’ comic work, but I am more of a Global Frequency and Orbiter guy than a Transmat. Ellis’ first novel had some interesting ideas, but it mostly spun a mildly interesting yarn in the pulp vein with tons of references to off kilter sexual practices and other weirdness.  If your an Ellis fan, check it out.  If you are just a fan of hard boiled pulp, move along to Hard Case Crime.

Orson Scott Card – Seventh Son: Most of your know that I’m an Orson Scott Card fan.  I am actually using Ender’s Game in one of my classes this fall.  So, you might be surprised to find out that I only now made it around to this series.  Well, it wasn’t for lack of trying.  I’ve just had so much to read and a large series takes up time.  Seventh Son is a killer book.  An alternative history of the US that deals with magic, religion, and different ideas of faith.  Everyone should check this book out.  I’ve just started the second book in the series – Red Prophet and it looks to be just as good if not better.


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