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Our Long Weekend

Shannon and I had a great Labor Day weeked.  We finished X-Files Season One (Tooms!!!!), ate our first Indian food out here (wonderful!), and hung out in coffee houses reading for most of it.

After church on Sunday we went to Ballard Sunday Market, which was a bit of let down.  It wasn’t really any bigger than the Edmonds’ Market.

But, on the way, we stopped by Trophy Cupcakes!

After the market we ate Thai in Greenlake at a place called Thai Ocean.  In the Seattle area, Thai places are everywhere, like Chinese back in IL.

Thai Ocean was great, but it was a strange place.  We sat surrounded by fleshy pink walls that made us feel like we were in the belly of the beast.  Shannon went to bathroom and came back smiling.

She told me to go have a look.  I whipped out the camera and headed back there (no, I have no inhibitions about stepping into the women’s restroom).

The bathroom was covered in hundreds of dead flowers making the scent of the room sickening sweet.

Thank God the food was amazing!

Yesterday we had killer Crepes at Red Twig, right here in Edmonds.  Mine was a savory crepe with spinach, mushrooms, and goat cheese (We are in love with Goat Cheese right now) and Shannon got the apple and cinnamon.


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