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Recent Reading (Two from Joe R. Lansdale)

I’ve been wanting to read some Lansdale for a while now.  Both of the movies made from his work (Bubba Ho-Tep and the Masters of Horror episode Incidents On and Off a Mountain Road are killer!).

Joe R. Lansdale – God of Razors: This is actually a reissue of the author’s 83′ work The Nightrunners along with short stories inspired or relating to the novel.  Although the introduction pushed the idea that Nightrunners was a horror classic, I found it to be a little overblown.  It had some great ideas, but at it’s heart it was just a gruesome slasher flick in the vein of Last House on the Left.

It did include the short story of “Incidents On and Off a Mountain Road.”  This story was great.  It alone is worth checking the book out.

Joe R. Lansdale – Sunset and Sawdust: After blowing through this work in a few days I sat there for a few minutes trying to think of anyone I knew who studied modern southern writers.  If your reading this, you have a gold mine in this work.  Even if your not a scholar of southern prose, this book is a must read.  Lansdale paints a portrat of depression era Texas, its racial and gender tensions, and the violence that can accompany change.  On top of all that, the story is fun and amazingly entertaining and the main character is a fiery redhead.

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