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Our First Seattle Thanksgiving & Weekend

Well, Thanksgiving came and went.  We had a nice time.  We stayed home, made our own dinner of Tofurky, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes (My mom taught me how to rock them!), yams, apple salad (my pregnant girl’s must have), and two store bought pies (I should be baking) that sucked!

Only the pies sucked, everything else was delish!  I did mention to Shannon that it felt like my first adult T-day.  No family to make the food while we sit around, play cards or music.

I did miss my family a lot.  A few people sent me text messages asking if I was in B-port for the holiday and I sadly had to tell them no.  That’s the biggest problem.  I have a huge extended family/best friends who need to be convinced they should move out to the coast.

After dinner and some rest, we headed down to the local K-Mart for their T-day sale.  Shannon had something that she wanted to buy me, but it wasn’t on sale until Black Friday.  I bought some gummy bears since we had been watching how they were made on the Food Network the night before.  We ended up playing Wii the rest of the night–Boom Blox is kick ass!  Come play with us!

That was about it.  Black Friday we hit the mall and bought a bunch of x-mas stuff.  I also bought some X-box games and clothes for myself and Shannon.  We ate dinner at this place called Claim Jumpers (the most mid-western place on the West Coast).

Saturday we put up the Christmas tree (I’ll post pictures soon).  Shannon has the tradition of watching Home Alone every year while she puts up the tree.  I always scoff and then find myself laughing my head off.  I love that gangster movie so much…Keep the change ya filthy animal!

We then watched my favorite Christmas movie of all time…DIE HARD!  Shannon asked me to name my favorites and I said, Die Hard, Die Harder (II), and A Long Kiss Goodnight (she showed her Gena Davis hatred, but I love any movie with Samuel L. Jackson and The Zombies [the band, not the creatures]).

Sunday we went to church and I graded papers all day (fun times).  The quarter ends this week and then I’m concentrating on my diss. for a few weeks (besides painting the baby’s room and a million other projects).


3 thoughts on “Our First Seattle Thanksgiving & Weekend

  1. Have you and Shannon had the vegan gummy bears at natural food stores? They are so yummy! She should try them (and you too!).

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