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Time to Hand out the Horrible Grades

One of my English final exams is going on right now and the students are woefully unprepared.  It’s none of my doing.  I gave the prompt (to the in-class essay) out in the middle of last week.  We had pre-writing sessions as a class.  They could use their notes and their books. 

Yet, they keep troubling me with the simplist questions that show me they didn’t prepare at all.  They ask me questions about the readings they are addressing in the essay and expect me to have a conversation with them about texts they are supposed to know and be prepared to write about.

I really do feel this class has made some progress over the quarter, but they are not showing it today. 

They are defeating themselves.  They believe that the essay is too hard, yet it is a mixture of the essays and ideas that we have been discussing all quarter. 

On top of all this, many of them didn’t bother to show up.  Instant failures, since the portfolio and the final draft of their last essay is also due today.  Ouch! 

Oh well, I’m in for the treat of reading these in the next few days. 

I can’t wait!


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