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Turning in Grades

It’s finally here.  I am about to turn in my final grades and put my first professional quarter behind me.  Quarters are too short.  There was so much that I wanted to get to, but had to push it aside due to time constraints.  As I plan for Winter 09 I now have a little better of an understanding about how to arrange the schedule and focus the classes.

Of course, my Winter classes are a little different than my Fall ones, so I have to come up with new syllabi, but I have a pretty good handle on them.

Things to change:

– Take out all of Franklin’s bio and concentrate on other narratives of education.  Franklin is wonderful, but my students have such a hard time with his writing style.  Douglass worked well and (when I teach 80 again) will be my major focus.  Actually, another teacher is using my Douglass idea for her 80 class this quarter, which is a compliment.

– Stare Ender’s Game earlier.  We are doing Card in my online class next quarter.  This will make it interesting.

– Concentrate heavily on research methods in my research writing class.  I glossed them this quarter and feel that my class suffered a little for that.

– Stay up on grading.  This grading at the end is a hassle.


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