Our White Christmas

The last few weeks have been incredibly snowy here in WA.  Shannon and I were pretty close to trapped in the house for a few days.  We played a lot of UNO and watched a lot of X-files (Shannon bought me the complete seasons box set for Christmas – It’s good to be me!).

Our biggest problem was the driveway and the fact that we left our snow shovel and salt back in good ole IL.  We were told it never gets like this here.  We wanted to go home for the holidays, but tickets were around a thousand each.  Then the snow hit, so we would have been stuck at the airport anyway.

Overall, it was a great Christmas.  We hung out at home, exchanged gifts early.  Besides the X-files, I scored a sewing machine (I’ve been wanting one for a long time – I’ll post some pics once I start my Project Runway showcase).

Shannon scored some maternity clothes, some perfume, books, etc.  She gave better than she got this year.  She is an amazing wife!

Shannon heads back to work tomorrow and I am painting the baby’s room.  I’ll post some pics when I’m done.


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