The Nursery

The nursery is almost ready for our new addition.  Shannon and I spent the weekend decorating and putting new things away.

We picked the crib bedding and some accessories from Ebay.

We’re doing a cute jungle animal theme with no known cartoon characters.  Two  things we are avoiding: anything that says Princess (unless it’s Han Solo) and Pooh!  Every where we go, Pooh is all over everything.  It’s a plague!

I hung the valance and we picked up a pad for the changing table yesterday.

We picked up the cutest lion (Mr. Lion Rider) at a consignment shop near the U of Washington.  I spotted it from across the room, but there was a little boy sitting on it.  I resisted the urge to knock him off, but as soon as he dismounted I swooped in and picked Mr. Lion up.  He definitely wanted to come home with us!

We also picked up some amazing wall decals that promote the jungle theme and give the room a little more pink (not that our girl needs it).


3 thoughts on “The Nursery

  1. I have to smile at the converse sneakers – those are the same as the ones Alex had a couple of years ago! Now she’s sporting the black ones with the pink rhinestone hearts on the sides…

    girly converses… it’s a machine!

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