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As I was completing a Facebook meme about albums that influenced my life I started thinking about the fact that I hardly ever  listen to music anymore.  I’m too into my podcasts or audiobooks.  It’s not that I don’t still have my favorite music, I just don’t have that much time during the day and I have podcasts that post new episodes weekly.

So, what are these podcasts? There are few that I can’t go a week without.

1. Horroretc. – These Canadians won me over with their discussion of the original Universal Frankenstein movies and they keep impressing me every week.  The just finished a two episode discussion of the amazing show Dexter (one of my wife and I’s favorite shows) and a three episode discussion of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  These lined up perfectly with me checking out the first film from our local library and giving it a new watch.  Wes Craven Rocks!

2. The Triple Feature – A movie podcast by three guys that all write and draw webcomics about movies.  I agree with these guys a lot, especially when they loved Speed Racer (and one admitted it late after renting it on dvd – Check it out).  I am a huge movie guy, so this one is great for me.

3. TWIT (This Week in Tech) – This one is my latest obsession.  I have been listening to a ton of shows from their archives as well as their new stuff.  I was pointed to it from Corey Doctorow’s blog Craphound (where you can find his podcast as well).  Leo Laporte always has a great group of guests, though some can be a little grumpy.  They talk about the latest tech news, which lately is Twitter this, I-Phone that, and Facebook blah, blah, blah.  Of course, I love this stuff and eat it up.

4. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson Radio – Talking about the X-box always makes me happy.

5. The Thomas Jefferson Hour – Humanities scholar and author, Clay S. Jenkinson, adopts the persona of Jeffersonand kills me every week with his insightful commentary.  I might not always agree with President Jefferson, but Dr. Jenkinson nails his wit and his ideals very well.

There are many more that make it onto my Zune, but these are my major ones.  Check them out if you have the time.

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