Book Sale – YAY!!!

Yesterday, in one of my classes, a student asked if I was going to the Seattle Library Book Sale.

I quickly replied, “Now I am!  Tell me of this… book sale.”

I had a picture in my head of the book sales I would go to at the Carbondale Public Library.  The sales where I found the coveted Beast Master and The Last Starfighter soundtracks.

I told Shannon about it when I go home and of course, being the book geeks that we are, we headed over there this morning.

It was awesome!  The Carbondale sale would have fit in one corner of the huge hanger that this thing took place in.  I wish I would have written down some authors that I have been looking for, but I found a few gems.  Three different Lansdale novels, including the best book I read last year – Sunsets and Sawdust.

Shannon has just started Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s Pendegast novels, so we picked up a few of those.

There was no Lit.crit. section and the American History section was a joke.  They had a huge Classic Lit. area that was stocked with… Atwood and Wolfe.  Whatever!  It was a joke, but the sale was great overall.

There were tons of people there.  Most of them smelled bad and all of them had bags and boxes of books.  I heard that Washington reads more books than the rest of the states combined and this sale made me almost believe it.

We left with 23 books for 23 bucks.

Half Price Books is having a huge warehouse sale next weekend and then we have a huge baby sale the weekend after that.

There’s a good chance that will have this baby on a warehouse floor.


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