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Due Date Weeding

It’s the baby’s due date, but she doesn’t seem to care that much.  She likes it right where she is.  We went for a check up yesterday.  Everything was wonderful.

Last week our visit ended up taking us upstairs for a Non-Stress Test.  Baby Weiss had a bit of an eratic heartbeat, but we quickly found that she was just overly excited to have people fussing over her.

As soon as we hooked up to the machine, she jumped multiple times and though we stayed hooked up for 20 minutes, she had met her quota in 4.

Here’s a map of her heartbeat!

Today I have been out weeding the front yard.  We were told a few weeks ago (sorry for the lack of posts) that we have to move by the first of August.  Yep, smack dab in the middle of our baby coming.  We have already found a few places that we like, but we haven’t settled on one yet.

I should be posting more when work shifts in a few weeks.

Come on, Baby!!  Let’s go!!


One thought on “Due Date Weeding

  1. Hey guys, still no baby?? Well, good luck. I am sure she will come. Just be patient! It will be such a wonderful moment together for the three of you when you finally get to meet each other. A moment you will never forget.
    Please keep in touch!
    Vanessa and Rob

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