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My Baby is Sucking up All of my Internet Time (new look and update)

I really am going to try and start posting on this blog again.  I haven’t abandon it.  It’s just that Kenley (my lovely daughter) has been keeping me crazy busy.  Since her birth, I have finished my summer quarter teaching (though I still have my online classes) and I am home.

That’s right!  I’m being Mr. Mom.  My goal was to start posting everyday of the break (which really started yesterday since I had finals week and grading).

Yesterday, as some of my Twitter readers know, Gizmo (our once fuzzy cat), Kenley, and I headed over to the West side (Edmonds, WA) so that the boys could get hair cuts.  Gizmo gets his hair cut at the amazing City Kitty.  In Illinois, Gizmo would get so crazy that the cat groomers would want to put him to sleep just so they wouldn’t have to deal with him.  Adrianne is so good with him and actually thinks he is a really sweet cat (which is complete news to us.  He is usually a stinker).

Kenley was wonderful.  After we dropped Gizmo off, we went down to the Edmonds Waterfront.  I fed her lunch looking out over the sound.  I can’t wait to take her down there when she’s old enough to play in the sand and water.  As I said in my Twitter, I was 23 when I first saw the ocean (a story I should relate sometime), so I was pretty happy to have her there and so thankful that we live in this beautiful place.  I miss my friends and family from IL, but I will never miss IL.  I know Kenley wont remember our time at the beach, but I will.

Yesterday was also Shannon and my two-year anniversary.  Who would have thought that our whirlwind romance and marriage would take us all the places we’ve been.  I am so happy to have such a strong and amazing (not to mention – drop dead gorgeous) woman with me.  I am truly blessed.  We’re celebrating our anniversary tomorrow, so I will have more to update about later.

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