Cute Girl/Boy’s Clothes

One of the problems I have had since Kenley’s birth is my need to dress her in outfits that I think are cool and the need for people to see her as a girl.

At first, it was animal costumes.  I bought a ton of them before we knew if she would be a boy or a girl, and  (at the time) I really wasn’t worried about gender.  I believed that I would dress our baby the same way, no matter what.

Yet, after she was born I started to rethink my plans.  People were already referring to her as a boy, even when her outfit was pink and had bows.  So, I cut down on the outfits a little and the animals stayed in the closet until she outgrew them.  I did pull them out a few times (Where are those photos?)

Now, I’m moving forward and buying superhero shirts for her.  I’m tired of conforming to people who see her in grocery stores.  I’ll just put her in skirts and find some headbands that look good with Batman or Captain America.


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