It’s Sad to See the Rio Go

Well, another Rio of mine is gone.  She was a wonderful car, even if my students giggled when I called it a chick magnet.  I’m just glad that Kenley was not in the car when it happened.  I was on my way to pick her up.  I was fully stopped at a mid-block crosswalk when an SUV hit me from behind.  The driver didn’t even slow down.  I slid forward into the car in front of me, so the Rio got it from both ends.

Thank God no one was hurt.

My car was totaled and everyone else drove away.  It’s always fun to be that guy.

As we were waiting on the cops, the poor woman that hit me (though her tears) said, “I’m sorry to destroy your horcrux.  Now you’ll have to get a new one.”

“Well,” I replied, “I’ll have to kill someone to do that.”  I don’t think she understood who I was eying.

Kenley and I will be kicking it in a rental car come Monday.

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