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Kenley Hope is One!



At Kenley’s One Year mark i realize that I should be doing more to catalog her life.  She is so amazing and time has flown by so fast.  Here is a list of Important info (that to I Can Grow People – who I stole the idea from)

How Big is She:

– She has a bigger head than 98% of 1 Year olds

– She wears size 4 diapers.

– She wears some 12 month clothes, but mostly 18.

– Her feet are somewhere between size 3 and 4, though she hates shoes and socks.

What She is Doing:

– She is walking (once in a while).  She could do it, but she doesn’t want to be bothered.

– She has a wonderfully strange crawl.  I believe our hardwood floors kept her from fully crawling.  Yet, she can get around super fast.

–  She loves to be read to and brings books to us often.

– She goes crazy for music of all kinds.

– She loves Sesame Street.

– She will hand you anything she has if you ask.  Then, she cries.

– She waves all of the time, but sometimes it is after the person is gone.

– She loves bathes, but wants to move around way too much.

What She is Saying:

–          She talks baby talk non-stop.

–          She has said “dada” and “nama” forever.

–          She has said “wuv you” twice to me, but Shannon hasn’t heard it yet.

–          Her newest and greatest talk is “Tank You.”  She says it anytime you hand her something.

–          We’re working on Roaring like a lion and she’s close.

–          Once in a while she says “Cat Kitty”

What She is Eating:

–          She eats all adult food that we put in front her.

–          She loves Green Beans and Pudding.

–          She eats a lot of bananas and yogurt.

–          Pancakes for breakfast.

–          She snacks on Multi-Grain Cheerios and Bunny crackers.

–          No baby food at all


She has 8

– She has never had as bad a time as people say a baby will have.

What Else She Loves:

– Clapping.

– Noise of any kind (like dragging a plastic lid across the table like nails on a chalkboard)

– Her Mother (she is definitely a Mommy’s girl right now).

– Opening Drawers or Cabinets.

– Playing with plastic bowels.

– Watching her dad work in the yard.

What She Doesn’t like:


– Naps

– Anytime another baby cries.

– Being told “no” (yes, already)


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