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Detox Day 2 (Morning)- In it Goes/Out it Goes

Shannon was right about my first day.  It went extremely well.  Then, I woke up at 6am this morning with an extremely crampy  stomach.   A glass of water and some time in the bathroom helped that.

I weighed myself and I have already lost 7 pounds.  Of course, we’ll see if that plays out over the whole time.

The biggest problem of the day came when I went to drink the detox berry juice shot.  I threw it all up in the kitchen sink.  You would think that berry juice would taste good.  Ohh, it is very bad.

Thank goodness for hot tea and the green juice.  That stuff is awesome.  The veggie juice is not bad.  It just tastes like I washed a bunch of veggies and decided to drink the wash water.

I was really tempted to eat some chips last night, but I made it.  I think it was more about the salt than the food!

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