Detox Day 2 (evening)

Well, Buck lost 7 pounds and I lost 3.8  pounds Day 1.  Yipee!  Today has been…ugh.  I’m exhausted.  I went to sleep at 9 last night and didn’t get out of bed until 8 this morning.  Buck and I both took an hour nap this afternoon.  I am still exhausted.  I’m sure that most of mine is the lack of caffeine.  I’ve been told that I will have tons more energy off of the caffeine.  When I was drinking coffee, I would get energy after about the second cup and then at 3pm have a significant energy drop.  Supposedly, I won’t have the energy ups and downs when I get all the caffeine out of my system.  I can’t wait!  I had no intention of quitting coffee forever, but if I feel a lot better maybe….

We did “cheat” and have veggie soup for lunch and dinner today instead of veggie juice for lunch and veggie soup for dinner.  We will see if it shows on the scale tomorrow.  There can’t be that much difference between veggie soup and veggie juice, right?

We still haven’t manage to fit exercise in.  We both been too exhausted.  Tomorrow we are planning to either go for a walk or go to the gym.


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