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Detox Day 3 (Mid-Afternoon) Shannon is Starving

Today has been pretty good.  I (Buck) actually kept down the Berry Detox Drink this morning.  I lost 3 pounds, Shannon lost 1 (I have the benefit of being fatter and a guy).

We started the day with a protein shake this morning so we could hit the 9:30 Body Pump at the gym.

Both of us made it through Body Pump.  I actually felt pretty good.  I really need to hit that class more often.

They did have a horrible “Hair Band” version of “Careless Whisper” and the instructor made the statement that she loved it better than the original.  It was one of the saddest things I have ever heard, and not the good sad that Wham! gives us.

After the class we took Kenley swimming and took turns sitting in the hot tub.  Now, we’re sitting around while Kenley takes her nap.  I have been thinking a lot about Moe’s – A great Mexican place in Carbondale that serves horribly sinful nachos.  There is no Moe’s in Seattle, so I can’t cheat there.

Shannon will state that she is starving once in a while, but she is doing very well.

We’re also watching Definitely Maybe.  I have never seen it, but it had a great part about Jane Eyre and a couple made a ludicrus statement that they were not flirting, even though Otis Redding was playing in the background.  Otis is liquid flirtation. He is all you need to get everything started.


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