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Day 4 (Night) We Cheated a Little

One of that things that is hard about this diet is that we still need to feed Kenley her meals and she eats really good food.  She is mostly eating the leftovers from great meals that Shannon made before we went on the diet.  Yesterday she had the last of some amazing gnocchi that Shannon had made last week and the house smelled way to good.  Yet, I made it through.

However, today for lunch Kenly had a grilled cheese (along with her fruit and veggies) .  When it came time for our soup, I had to mention that we could split a grilled cheese with it and still be pretty well off (With Weight Watchers 45 calorie bread).  So, we cheated a bit.

It was awesome and I didn’t even mind that it was only a half.

Afterwards, I went for a long walk and stopped by the drugstore for an oatmeal bath and some lotion for our poor Poxed Kenley.  She hasn’t really started itching yet, but I am sure it will be any time.  Her spots are all over and seem to be progressing.

Our night was going rather well (all things considered) until a plastic spoon feel through the Dishwasher basket and started burning.  Now, we’re hanging in the bedroom trying to avoid the smell.

I’m tired, but I’m up for The Next Food Network Star.

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