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Help me Put Out my Comic! Donate through Kickstarter

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Many of you know that I have been writing comics for a while. I have been working with some great people (like Ben Ferrari and Earthbound Comics) and we are raising some money to put out a new book.

I wrote it and it is about the son of Hitler. That is a winning combo right there! Add in amazing art by Martin Monti and you have yourself the best comic since Duck Tales #15 (the one where Darkwing Duck Cameos).

We’re using to collect pledges towards getting our 2 Issue mini-series, Son Chasers out into the world! We have 30 days to raise the money! You know I don’t ask for much, but If you can help that would be great and we have some cool incentives that we are sending out.

Kickstarter is an interesting site. Everyone pledges a dollar amount. If we reach our chosen fund amount, everyone pays the amount that they pledged. If we do not, no one pays their donation.

Check out the Kickstarter page and watch the video about our project. Let me know if you have any questions. Just think, if everyone I knew gave 10 bucks, we would be very close to our goal and everyone would have a little piece of me (which is the goal of most people on the planet).

Here is the Link –

You can sign into Kickstarter using your Facebook ID and you can make your payment through Amazon.

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