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Son Chasers – From Page to Panel (Page #1)

To give everyone a little insight into the process here at Earthbound Comics, I (Buck) thought I would post some script pages for Son Chasers and show you the finished page.

Today, we’ll start with page 1.  We knew that we could not avoid showing the infamous father of Henry Hitler and I liked the idea of a conspiracy.  How could these two people (who history tells us were married around 40 hours before committing suicide ) actually have a baby?  Here we see how and why.

Page One (4 panels)

Panel 1 – We open on a bed.  A shear cotton curtain separates us from the two bodies intertwined in the sheets.  This is EVA and HITLER.

Box:               30 April 1945 0912 hours (The day Hitler and Eva commit suicide).

Panel 2 – EVA sits on the edge of the bed wrapped only in the sheet, her arm across her stomach in a symbolic gesture, though we see no baby bump.  HITLER stands in his pants and t-shirt at a dresser with a mirror.  EVA looks distraught.

HITLER –           You must go, Darling.  It’s the only way.

EVA –              But, only yesterday we were wed…and the… the…

Panel 3 – Eva bolts from the room in tears. HITLER watches her go as he buttons the cufflinks of his uniform.

HITLER (Whisper) – You must keep my heir safe.

Panel 4 – EVA runs into the hall with the sheet wrapped around her body.  In the hall she bumps into a woman dressed in an SS uniform.  The woman could be her twin.

EVA – Oh… (slightly taken aback) forgive me!

EVA II – My pardon, Fräulein Braun.

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