Son Chasers – From Page to Panel (Page #2)

Page 2 is our first glimpse into the world and the crusade of Henry Hitler. Martin’s art really added a gritty realism to the page.

PAGE TWO (4 panels)

Panel 1 – A line map of Africa with a dot in Northern Congo.

Box – Northern Zaire, 09 October, 1995, 0400 hours

Panel 2 – We see the back of HENRY as he sits at a small, crude desk in a rundown room. The wall in front of him is covered in newspaper clippings and surveillance photos. Five of them are of men in military garb. HENRY is surrounded by weapons in all levels of repair and disarray.

HENRY’S BOX (make it look a little different)-
Five hours ago the UN Security Council voted to “wait and see” on a motion to aid this region and this people. And there’s no way that the CIA stooge, Mobuto is going to lift a finger.

Panel 3 – a close up on the five photos of different African military men – hanging on the wall.

HENRY’S BOX – It’s understandable, the guerrilla military here is like the mythical Hydra. Cut off its head and two will rise in its place.

Panel 4 – Back to the shot from Panel 1, but in this he cocks a pistol.

HENRY’S BOX – Yet, as we learned from hero Hercules, there is only one way to destroy a beast such as this…


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