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Horror Etc. Episode 290 – The Shining


Just a quick note about another great podcast from the guys over at Horror Etc.  If your a Horror aficionado and your not checking this podcast out, you’re missing the heart of modern horror culture.

This time they take on Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining along with brief commentary on King’s novel and the 1997 television mini-series.

What I have always loved about this podcast is that they do their homework.  Ted and Tony provide a very strong discussion here and make references to a plethora of sources that I can wait to check out.  There is a rich quality to their commentary and it always pulls me in and keeps me wanting more.  They make you want to return to the original material with a fresh perspective.  I added King’s novel to my mp3 player the next day and added the film to my Netflix Que.

Check out The Shining episode of Horror Etc. and go back through their extensive catalog of podcasts.






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