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Tuesday Reading – “Scrub Jays” by Ishmael Reed


I have decided to make Tuesdays  a little glimpse at the poetry and literature that I am reading from out on the web.  I am going to start with the always interesting Ishmael Reed.  Reed is spending the week with Chattanooga State Community College and had a reading at the Chattanooga Library last night.

His poetry is sometimes mundane, other times frustrating, and many times pleasing in that satirical whit that a real artist can deliver.  He can throw down the most scathing insight and and most glorious praise.  I was not a fan when I was first handed a book of his work, yet as I work through it (and there are many times that the best poetry is real work), I started to see what made him great.

Hearing him read his poetry and talk took his reading to a new level.  This was Reed’s work as it was meant to be taken in.

As we listened he told us that one of the poems from his newest collection was on  I found it there in both print and spoken form.

So, click on over and enjoy – “Scrub Jays.”


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