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To My Arch-Nemesis

I’m not really taking part in NaPoWriMO, but I think I will throw a few up for fun.  Here is some superhero poetry I wrote a while back.

To my Arch-Nemesis:

Is all this fighting necessary?

You scheme, I punch.

You steal, I punch.

It’s all quaint redundancy; all farce and melodrama.

I dreamt of us:

The Florida coast at sunrise,

My cowl dropped back, your mask discarded to the floor.

We had hard-yoke eggs and shared the paper.

You the funnies and I the crime beat.

Like an old married couple:

You had dropped the sing-song voice and I had leveled out the righteous indignation

Everyone around oblivious of the demi-gods who shared bungalow 15,

No one questioning why and what the issues were between us.

We just were… together


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