A Great Review For My New Comic – Longhunters #4

LONGHUNTERS #4 is a stand-alone story and a great place for new readers to jump on the amazing ride that follows a group of men who hunt and trap in the wilds of 1800’s America.  This issue contains a story by me, illustrated by the amazing Ben Ferrari.  Another great, Kurt Belcher (The hardest working man in Indie Comics) provides the stunning cover you see above.

The book was just review in the Indie Jones of Ain’t it Cool News.  The reviewer states, “On the surface, this is a story that might come off as a bit primitive (wolf whisperer?), as it follows one man’s transformation from trapper to avenging angel in the middle of the wilderness. The pacing is slow but methodical, and you have a lot of care and attention put into the man vs. nature struggle.”

He goes onto say, “THE LONGHUNTERS might get unfairly compared to DANCES WITH WOLVES, but for me it more closely resembles DEATH HUNT, only this time the trapper is hunting the posse and not the other way around. Weiss sprinkles in a touch of supernatural and metaphysical elements, but also leaves them open to interpretation, so as a reader I never felt like I was being force fed. If you dig American history, outdoor adventures or just good storytelling, then you’ll probably enjoy THE LONGHUNTERS as much as I did.”

I love the DEATH HUNT comparison.  It really shows me that someone got the heart of this story.  It’s a great recommendation.  You can check it out for yourself:

In Digital Format at Drive Thru Comics.

In Print at Indy Planet.


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