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Her First Rock and Roll Love!


My three year old usually has some kind of technology in her face any time we are in the car, but, a few weeks ago, she was content to listen to the radio as we cruised home from her pre-school.  I listen to a total of two stations – the local NPR and the the classic rock station (when they are not led by their idiot shock jocks).

That day I had the classic rock station dialed in and “Renegade” by Styx slowly started pulsating through the speakers.  As the song kicked up with a scream and the band started jamming I heard a strange request from the back seat.  Kenley said, “Daddy, turn it up!”

I cranked it (of course) and we pushed down the road blasting out a killer rock and roll tune.  As we got closer to home, the song slowly came to an end.  Kenley screamed, “Again!  Again!”

I had my Zune with me (Yes, I still use a Zune) and happened to have Styx’s Greatest Hits.  I flipped over to the song and we started again from the beginning.

A few days later we were in the car and Kenley asked for “The Barbie Song.”  I had no idea what she meant, but I guessed right when I played “Renegade” once again.

We listened to the song a few more times and she surprised me even more when she asked, “Dad, what is a gallows?”

I, of course, told her it was a place where criminals were punished.  Thankfully, she did not go further with her inquiry.

I have tried to introduce her to new songs, “Come Sail Away,” “Mr. Roboto,” etc., but to no avail.  She has found her song and every time we get in the car she asks if I have my “Music Phone” with “Hey Man is Coming Down.”  She sings along every time and hushes me anytime I try to get a little rambunctious with my parts.

At least the song is amazing enough that I never get tired of hearing it.  I was raised on classic rock and Kenley has heard it since she was a baby, but I never thought she would get hung up on Styx.  It’s her first great Rock and Roll love.  I hope she remembers it as she gets older.

One of my favorite uses of “Renegade” is this one from Supernatural:

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