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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Poster by Matt Ferguson

I have never been the biggest Trekkie and always considered myself more of a Star Wars fanboy (though I never really understood why there was a rivalry).  Yet, I grew up with one of the most die-hard Trek geeks known to man.  Actually, the last conversation I had with my Trekkie friend was about how he was reading every piece of fiction ever written about Star Trek in Chronological order.  This, of course, appealed to the literature geek in me even more than the part-time Trek fan.

As the new movie comes down the pipe, I can’t help thinking of my friend and how he used to love that I could sit with him (in college) and talk Trek.  He was always a little amazed when I told him that Undiscovered Country was my favorite of the original films, but who could deny that it’s a killer ending to the series.

Key Elements:

Bones is saucy!  Kirk is a Bad Ass!  Klingon prisons and Generals who quote Shakespeare!! Writer/Director Nicholas Meyer! – The man behind Wrath of Kahn! Epic space battles!  Iman as herself! And last and favorite of mine – Scotty gets to whoop some tail!

I just watched it again tonight.  See my Twitter Feed for my play by play using #TrekVI


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