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Putting Together An Anthology – Getting the Word Out


Early Cover Placeholder for the Anthology

When I first came up with the idea for an anthology of Ghost Hunting stories, I had no idea how to get my Call for Stories out to writers.

The first thing I did was hit Google.  My original thought was that I could hit a ton of Ghost Hunting sites and they would grab the project and really push it out.  What I found (and what I should have thought of) was that most of the Ghost Hunting sites were more interested in hunting ghosts than spending time online.  Many of the ones I found were rarely updated or closed to everyone but members.

Now, I probably gave up too early on those types of sites, but where I really found my footing were two amazing sites for writers.

The first and my favorite (as a writer myself – I have found two anthologies that I have published in there) is Horror Tree.  This site updates every day with new markets and anthologies looking for writers.  They were great to work with and really pushed my Call out through their Twitter and Facebook as well.  I will always go to this site to find places for my stories and if I am ever brave enough to put together another anthology.

The second is Duotrope.  This is another great site that moves beyond the horror genre.  They have now become a pay to participate site and I do not fault them for it.  I have heard nothing but good things about the quality of the site and the connections it makes.  When I am ready to seriously move back into short story writing (after my dissertation), I will be joining this site.

After I sent out the Call for Stories on those two sites I did a few other things.

I set up a Facebook Group and created a small buzz around the project.  I say small because it was never as helpful as I wanted it to be.  It is a real test of your Facebook friends when you send out an invite to your Anthology Group and only a select few decide to show up.  Yet, I do believe I received a few submissions because of that site and it was a great way to keep in contact with writers who wanted to know about their stories status.  I posted a ton of those “I’m still working on it!” posts as time wore on and life pulled me away from reading and editing.

I also set up a Twitter account.  Here is where I connected to those elusive ghost hunting groups and I know I had at least one submission come through those channels.  It is also where I started to follow writers and people who were interesting, leading them back to me.  Up until the book came out, the Twitterverse was probably the best place for interaction with interested people.

I have really dropped the ball since the book has been released for a while and have not been keeping up with my social media sites.  Yet, there are still Likes and Followers that show up every week.  Hopefully that means that the word for the book is still getting out.

“What about this Call for Stories?”  You were not asking.  Next, time I will post it up and break it down.


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