Tuesday Reading

Tuesday Reading – “Spear and Fang” by Robert E. Howard

image –  “Spear and Fang” MYTHMAKER (CROSSPLAINS) (June 1999) Adapted by Roy Thomas/Artwork by Richard Corben Via A READER’S GUIDE TO SWORD & SORCERY

I have been a little absent from the blog as the Dissertation writing and revising has heated up.  There will be some more updates later in the week, but I have been thinking a lot about Howards work lately.  Mostly because I have been reading some of his collected comics of Conan.  He was one of the first authors my mom handed me growing up and my cousin gave me a ton of Conan comics when I was in high school.  I wish I knew what happened to them, but it is great to see them reprinted.

Here is his first story – “Spear and Fang”  from Weird Tales Volume 6 Number 1.


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