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Propoganda Poster from SON CHASERS #1

My newest writing is the comic SON CHASERS from Pilot Studios.  It’s the story of the son of Hitler.  A man who has been hunted all his life for the sins of his father.  He travels the world as a soldier fighting dictators, warlords, and oppressive regimes in hopes that he can some day make up for the terror and atrocities of the Nazis.

It’s a great piece of pulp style comic book fiction.  I’m working with some great people on it.  Ben Ferrari (head of Pilot Studies) came up with the original concept and has been lead editor on the book.  Kurt Belcher (FUBAR, WINTER WAR, LONGHUNTERS, and many others) provides pencils.  Ken Lateer on colors, and Micah Myers is doing the lettering.

The original script called for Propaganda Posters that pay homage to many of the ones that were around during World War II.  Most of them were cut out, but we will have two in the first issue and hopefully a few more in the second.

Here is the first one.  Art by Ben Ferrari and the rest by the great men listed above:

This print will be located in the front of SON CHASERS #1 coming soon.  It is based on this WWII propaganda poster.  Very killer!  I can’t wait for everyone to see this book.

Keep checking this site, Pilot Studios site, or their Facebook page for info on how to order this book.





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