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Some Favorite Songs of 2013

The whole “Best Song of the Year” is too much for me.  In the last few years I have been listening to too many books and podcasts to really explore new music and I never have my radio off of classic rock when I have to listen to the radio (which is rare).  However, I found myself trying to find something I liked in all the refrigerator buzz (to steal a label) of 2013 and I actually sought out new music.

I am really glad I did.  There were some great albums put out this year and some great songs.  All the songs here are from albums I liked enough to own.

They are in no specific order, but if I had to pick one that really blew me away, I would have to say Radiator Hospital’s “Our Song, is my favorite song of the year.

Sam Cook-Parrott’s voice is so original and amazing.  There is a raw emotion to his lyrics that pull my heart out every time I hear him.  The album, “Something Wild” has been in my ears more than anything else this year.

Swearin’s album  “Surfing Strange” is great.  I am a fan of sister band, Waxahatchee as well.

I was really looking for an album that was a next step from 90’s shoegazer/fuzz and many of these bands are there, but Pity Sex’s “Feast of Love” really floored me.

Places to Hide are a reinvention of everything I loved about college rock in the 90’s and I really wonder if this whole year hasn’t been me hooking up with bands that remind me that era.  I am a lyrics guy and every time I listen to Places to Hide’s “Almost Nothing” I hear a new line that feels as if it was taken right out of the mouth of some girl I dated in my youth.  Sometimes I wonder if they didn’t watch the movie of my early twenties and pull lines from it for, “Michael Jordan.”  The biggest being, “Sorry if I’m hard to live with.  This is me at my best!”

Of course, I had to put the new Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs on here.  This song bounced in my head for weeks.

Many of the new bands I checked out this year was through Radiator Hospital touring with them or connecting to them on BandCamp.  That’s where I found and fell in love with the Nintendo laced sounds of Crying.  This pure pop just makes me bob my head and want to make a Costco run.

There were others, but the last song of my year has to be “You Never Need Nobody” by the Lone Bellow.  I saw them open up for Dwight Yoakum at the Ryman in Nashville and they were amazing.  It was one of those times when most of the people there didn’t understand what they were seeing.  I almost envied that it was the first time they were hearing the powerful voices and heart-wrenching lyrics of this amazing group.

I hope you found something on this list that you agree with or now want to look up.  Drop me a comment if you want to agree, disagree, or leave me a recommendation.

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