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Book Review – Richard Laymon’s One Rainy Night


I finally read Richard Laymon’s One Rainy Night

Laymon is one of the authors that everyone I read talks about, but I have never read. The reigning kings of old and new horror constantly sing his praises – Authors such as Brian Keene, who talks about Laymon, his friendship, and his influence on horror in his wonderful podcast The Horror Show hold Laymon up as a godfather of modern horror. I had to read this guy.

So, I finally sat down with an old Leisure paperback of One Rainy Night, a great entry into the “town taken over by …” subgenre that already has classic films like The Crazies and novels like King’s Under the Dome and the aforementioned Keene’s Darkness on the Edge of Town.

Laymon’s book holds its own in good company. I enjoyed the horror of the black rain and the racially charged reason for the terror of the night was well played out. The violence and gore was over the top and amazing.

Overall, a great read that any horror fan should check out. I am excited to pick up my next Laymon novel.


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