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Writing Projects and Progress


Russell Brand and the Wild Hunt. By Johann Wilhelm Cordes (1824-1869)

I have been posting pretty much nothing but book reviews and images on here for the last year, but I have been writing.  I am well into two projects and I have decided to start updating them here.

The first is a modern sword and sorcery novel called The Wild Hunt.  I am really just starting with it, but I am really loving the ideas and the themes.  There are some great characters here.

I started Chapter 7 tonight and I am about to write an epic duel.

The other work is a collection of short essays about my life.  I have been told for most of my adult life that I should be writing down the stories I tell at parties and to gathered friends.  White Sheep is that collection of stories.  It’s not quite a memoir and a little crazy at times.  I will be doing a reading from it in February that will help me know if I am going the right way with it.

I also had a poem published lately, but I’ll talk about that in another post.


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