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Book Review – Crimson Shore by Preston & Child


This is the 15th Pendergast novel and I have been there for everyone.  Some are better than others, but they all have strong characters.  Pendergast is one of the most interesting detectives in modern history.  He was the new Sherlock before Cumberbatch came on the scene.  Crimson Shore is not the best of the series and is not near as solid as the last few novels, but there is some great stuff here.

This novel reminded me of the classic Pendergast novel, A Murder of Crows (Pendergast  #4).  It has the underground mazes and monsters.  I also loved the witch plot and the story of the crashed ship.  There is a lot here to love.

There is also some fumbles throughout.  Some of that is secondary characters.  There are times in many of these novels where I wonder how much the writers really understand small town life.   The rest is clunky set ups for the next book.  Much like many of the television shows I watch, the monster of the week episodes (books) are better than the mythos.   Pendergast investigating a crime is always Child and Preston at the top of their games.


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